Close ups

Hi only just joined this group but been swinger for ages. Here's some shots of mine - hope you like! Stu

I Need Help Gettin Skype to Work.

Hello, I am a Married Man, No Sex inside of Marriage for 6 years, yes, that is not a typo, 6 years. Is there a Woman who would be willing to Help me get Visual Skype up and running in August. I am not going to be available until August after this...

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Bin auf der suche nach Frauen oder Paaren fr reale Kontakte.... Skype: karsten.b51

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excesive masturbation

The added advantage of being nude is that the penis is readily available to be stroked at any time unlike when wearing cloths. Being erect is amazing and staying erect for as long as possible is extreamly enjoyable feeling. On days i can spend all...

Im Newbie here . Follow me on K i K !...

Hi . Im Ashlyn , Seeking For Men :) Wanna Have some fun ? Follow me on K i K! MadisonAyers69

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Chat room when busy

What is the right thing to say if someone wants to talk in the chatroom privately but you are already chatting. I don;t want to be rude and want people to try again later whats the best way to say you are busy?

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our weather was perfect...and the water (Gulf of Mexico) was crystal-clear n refreshing...I had hot sex on the beach with 2 other a local guy and one from New Orleans...we sucked each others cocks n masturbated....and eventually...


Have you ever been caught masturbating? How did you feel? Or respond? Who caught you? Or did you INTEND to be caught?

Fucking someone's wife

Would love to fuck somebody's wife if you're interested in sexting and swapping pics online then message me ;)

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How old and what got you started?

How old were you when you started and what got you into it?I was 14 and just hated the feeling of confinement so one day I went without and never wore them again

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