This group is open to all men and women who enjoy sex without condoms. In my opinion, there is nothing that feels better and more natural than intercourse without use of condoms. If you enjoy having sex bareback; taking and giving the male seed, this group is for you. PLEASE NOTE: To protect the privacy, and respect of all current members, a completed, valid profile is required in order to join...


Our nudist swinger club having a party this weekend ..always a hot event..BB is the rule of course. and since most everyone is poz or doesn't care, no one holds bacck giving and receiving hot seed..can't wait to get there and start sharing...


HAPPY ECLISPE DAY TO EVERYONE! Perfect day to announce the Bareback Group has reached the 2,200 membership mark! Bareback is definitely one of the more popular group's here on Trueswingers...................and we continue to grow everyday!...

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First time ass fuck

When I was 16. I have a bareback without any lubricant. But it hurts me a lot and I am bleeding very badaly and my ass hole also get cut. Was this happens to anyone here?


had my ist bareback 7 days ago ,oh god its the only way to go such intense feeling as his cock throbbed

first time was bareback

i was 14 and was babysitting for a friend of my parents. the boys had gone to sleep and i put in a movie. it was one of his porn movies. i was so engrossed in the movie i did not here him come in. one thing led to another and before i knew it he had...

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by Markrobert78 
Barebacking another "online" friend...

I'll be visiting a friend today, whom I met on-line, and I will be barebacking his ass. I've fucked him several times, always dumping my load of cum in his ass.

First Time Barebacking

My first time was with my best friend when we were 11. Not only did we not use condoms, we didn't even know where to get them, but we weren't old enough so cum yet. Being such a young age, we didn't feel pain when we fucked. Fucked off...

Horny in DFW

Hey guys. Looking for one or two hairy men to come over and play. I love sucking a nice hairy cock and the feel of a thick bush rubbing my ass as they take turns fucking me.

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Fuck me

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