nudists over 60 and just younger who admirer/appreciate seniors.

young man looking for a travel destination...

Hi everyone, i'm a young man from Canada and i'm starting my vacation soon. And I just have no idea where to go but one thing I want for sure is to meet a senior nudist couple 60+ to spend one week with them for my vacation. I'm a...

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just joined 6th June 19

Just joined and seeking friends in the UK

Just Joined

I uploaded a recent picture to the group to show my credentials. Check out my profile and media.

Biggest age difference

Can anyone beat my record of 52 years between me and a sex partner? I'm 70 and earlier this year I fucked an 18 yr old boy, we both loved it. Interestingly he was the one doing the chasing, and he wants me to do it again. He had the use of a...

Friendly gay guy, 57, London

Hi there senior admirers! I'm fond of much younger guys 18-40ish. Into online chat, social or sexual nudity in the London area (I'm in Wanstead). Anyone out there?

skyping with oldermen

are there any oldermen who like to vidchat naked on skype? my skype id: ingoedehanden (massagetherapist) mention you're from TS

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by Henribean 
Bershires ?

Hi All -- new to the group -- my husband and I are going to be in the Berkshires (South Lee/Pittsfield MA area) the first week of June -- any suggestions on where to hike or anyone want to show us around ??

Hi everyone

For cam JO my skype id is: popperbator1 Add me

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RE:Looking for a place to hang out in Bucks

Hi, anyone in the north bucks uk area that is interested in hanging out with a senior ? Always looking for people with a good secluded garden to hang out nude in.

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Chat and Meet Seniors and Senior Admirers

always like to meet seniors and other senior admirers in San Francisco. Chat and skype if too far to meet. brian.bear5

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