Smooth All-over

nudists who like the feeling and outlook of their own smooth bodyand like the smooth look of others. so not partial shaved/smooth but totally body-smooth,

Long-Term Smooth

In high school, my girlfriend and I were very sexual. I was a swimmer and played water polo. Prior to swim finals each year all swim team members were required to shave entire body, outside their speedos, free of hair just prior to the swim finals...

All over?

I noteice some male smothies just strip the hair from their pubes and maybe their chests. I like the feel of smooth buttocks and think "if a job's worth doing...". So I shave everywhere from the neck down, arms, armpits and legs...


How long have all been smooth? When and why did you go Smooth?

nose to toes

I love being hairless nose to toes...such a nice feeling of being totally exposed and naked

Smooth rules

First off, thanks to all those that embrace what i do. You can't be as naked as you can be until you remove, "nature's clothing"....body hair.I've been a body shaving nudist since I hit puberty. Once my body started growing hair...

Smooth again.

It had been over a year since I had shaved most of my body. I have for many years kept my cock and balls shaved smooth, but it had gotten to be a chore to shave anymore. Today I decided to shave my chest and belly and that led to me shaving the rest...

More exposed

I am lucky enough to have a naturally smooth bum so I only need to shave my cock and balls every morning. Aswell as feeling much nicer it also gives me the feeling of being more that.


There is lots on how we stay smooth but nothing on why.It can take a bit of effort. So why do we do it?In my case I love the feeling. My skin is soft and sensative to the touch. Very sensuous. When naked I just can't keep my hands off myself. At...


soft hairless never shaved

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