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TrueSwingers.com was launched as a safe environment in which to meet other couples and singles in “the lifestyle”—those who appreciate open relationships based on honesty, communication, and a desire to share experiences as a couple. A social network for swingers, TrueSwingers.com provides an alternative to clubs and bars. Instead, through the site, members can get to know others at their own pace. They can video chat, participate in open forum discussions, and even plan events.

Why now? Although the idea of swinging certainly isn’t a new one, it typically isn’t a topic that naturally comes up in discussions. Sure, there are bars, clubs, and even websites for swingers, but what if you want to protect your identity and take some time to ensure the situation is the right one? That was the reason for starting TrueSwingers.com; the creators saw a need for a safe online alternative where members could share as much or as little as they chose while moving at a pace that was comfortable for them.

The site is largely free to members, who enjoy all of the functionality they expect: personalized profiles, picture storage, chatting and video chatting, and event planning. So get comfortable, meet a few friends, and see where it goes from there. The possibilities are endless.

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True Swingers Provides a Site Dedicated to Those Engaged in "the Lifestyle"For the uninitiated, the term swinging may conjure up a fun children's activity at a playground. But for a number of married couples, swinging is a nonmonogamous sexual activity, treated much like any other social activity,...

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