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Can You Love Two People at One Time?

Can You Love Two People at One Time?There are a number of different definitions for love, and theres no doubt that we can hold more than one person in our hearts at one time. But what about romantic love, the kind of love that inspires you to write poetry and...

Swinging but Not Swinging

Swinging but Not SwingingLiving on the Edge of SwingingIn most situations, couples who consider themselves to be swingers are open to engaging in sexual acts with other couples and individuals. But this isnt always the case. For some swinger couples,...

Is Polyamory Increasing in Popularity?

Is Polyamory Increasing in Popularity?Polyamory isnt a new subject. Even for those who dont support the lifestyle outright, many can still understand the relevance of loving more than one person at a time. While typical portrayals are more misogynistic and focus on...

Toys and Costumes: Adding Interest to the Bedroom

Toys and Costumes: Adding Interest to the BedroomNo matter what kind of relationship you find yourself in, give it a little time and it will begin to feel stale. Especially in the bedroom. Thankfully, theres a lot that can be done to create a new feeling, a little spice, in a...

College: Breeding Ground for Swingers?

College: Breeding Ground for Swingers?Ah, the college days. That time when we finally break free of our parents ever-watchful gaze and begin to spread our wings. College is a time to try a number of things, from new foods and friends to drinking and recreational...

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