... Or going commando. For anyone who does not wear underwear, even when we have to be clothed.


i stop use underwear from 10 . my mother never know it but my father know it. for my father is more easy this, cause is a freeballer too.

Berlin and Timisoara

Looking for a nudists and freeballers to hang out in Berlin 24.04.-26.04.2017. and a possible host in Timisoara on 26.04. evening and 27.04.2017. Any hosts there please send me a PM

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Maybe my jeans are getting slacker. As I walk they move gently down over my tummy, then my bum, then my hips. Then they suddenly drop to below my knees. As I freeball everything is exposed. This can happen in a busy street. I just pull them up...

my wife (Asmaa) have hot boobs

my wife (Asmaa) have hot boobs

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Dangling balls

Elsewhere someone asked if his big balls are due to him freeballing. When I took a look I saw it was that his balls hang low. Mine do too when warm. Could it be down to the lack of ball-support when freeballing?


For many years I envied women. They could wear skirts with nothing under them. Then I got some of my own. I have a mini-kilt, two wrap-round miniskirts and a lot of very short sarongs. And I always wear nothing under them. Everything comes into view...

Belgrade, Serbia

I can host from december the 19th until 29th. Smoker here. Welcome people of a good will! PM for availability, whatsapp communication preferred too.

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Freeballing leading to cock piercing

This is a topic in TN Freeballers group. I freeball all the time and have been thinking about getting my cock pierced. I've made a start, piercing my fraenum yesterday. I threaded my Glans ring through it and then looped it over my glans (cock...

cock shape visible from trousers

While I am in formal cloths. Because my cock is tilted to left side my cock shape visible from my trousers to others. Many men noticed it some laugh and some ignore it. What is your experience.


Hey, my name is Diego and I am 19yo. Add me on SNAPCHAT: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me +573204541069 INSTAGRAM: diegoarevollom

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