Satanic Swingers

This group is for men and women whom enjoy and/or practice Satanic worship. Christans, and other religious groups, as well as non-believers all have their own groups. This group meets the needs for those of us whom are swingers, and enjoy the practice of Satanic worship. All persons requesting membership must have a public profile (no private profiles) with completed information and/or photos in...

Satanic Newbie.....

Hello All, First let me say I'm completely non-religious in the traditional sense though I've long been fascinated by the thought of what may go on in Satanic and Pagan meets, rituals etc,..... I have attended a couple of pagan solstice...

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Getting better by being worse...

Do you find yourself doing more and more depraved things to serve our Lord and Master, Satan? Do you think he wills you to be worse or are you searching for more ways to please him. What have you started doing recently that you never thought you...


Pervy UK lad here, into rough raw group gangbang outdoor public piss and dirty old men. always naked at home, and love to show my naked body on cam or in the flesh to anyone. I only ever bareback and love taking spunk, spit or piss in my throat or...

To you horny guys

I'm sure most of you BB. Why not join my group Undetectable HIV poz and make it the juiciest here with posts and pics. See u there?

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thanks for accepting me

Hey heyI am a new member of this satanic swingers group and noticed it is not active. Thought i would share my experiences. Met nudedudinknox on swingers and that must have a reason he told me about this group, thanks for sharing. I got in touch...

Not really a satanist

I'm an atheist but curious about how sexual practices are different for satanists, if any, other than rituals added.

All hail the Almighty!

Just a short message to tell everyone how fucking inspired I have been by our Lord and Master. What a privilege to spread my seed in the name of the Almighty. Praise be unto Him!! Continue to spread his majestic word!!

Satanic Breeding

...looking for others in central Florida for satanic breeding-either one on one or group...older guy here. lets develop rituals to recite while breeding each other, make photos and videos to share with others in person and online

Hi everyone

For cam JO my skype id is: popperbator1 Add me

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