Exhibitionist Men

For guys who like their naked bodies to be seen by other men. In private, in public, indoors or outside, in photo galleries or being naked on cam. We love exposing every inch of our bodies for others to see, including our faces, erect cocks and assholes. If you feel the same feel free to join this group.

Exposing yourself on cam

I know a lot of guys enjoy exposing themselves on cam with a lot of other people watching. Just curious if you enjoy the anticipation when getting ready. I look forward to it hours before i do it. Then when it gets time i get excited when i start...

Expose and masturbate

I love to strip and masturbate while others watch. I love doing it for a group of people


time to hit the beach here in NORTH FLORIDA...lay out naked beside the beautiful Gulf of Mexico ....stroke my oiled-up cock n enjoy the sight of other men doing the same thing....great way to spend an afternoon....I'm heading out there in about...

I love showing my cock with foreskin

I have a fucking average size more beautiful, I think the most beautiful I saw until today, who wants to see me on skype my ID is Rui Costa, and just add me!

Spencer Tunick Photo's, has anyone...

I love the art of Spencer Tunick. I have signed up to participate in one, but have not heard from them. I would love to chat with anyone that has been one!

Posing for Photos

I recently saw an ad on Craigslist from an amateur photographer who wanted to shoot some male nudes. I invited him over and stripped for him, and he spent about an hour taking nude shots of me. It was very exciting to pose for him, to follow his...

my wife (Asmaa) have hot boobs

my wife (Asmaa) have hot boobs

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Finally added new photos.

Been waiting for months for my photos to show up. Finally uploaded new ones. Great.

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North UK exhibs/voyeurs

Looking for guys in the UK, ideally Midlands/North/NorthEast, who are into voy/exhib/CMNM.

Identify yourself

If you want your MEDIA pics in groups to identify you, click on the little KEYBOARD ICON under your pic and make a caption with your name, or just put your name. The new format does not include names.

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