Exhibitionist Men

For guys who like their naked bodies to be seen by other men. In private, in public, indoors or outside, in photo galleries or being naked on cam. We love exposing every inch of our bodies for others to see, including our faces, erect cocks and assholes. If you feel the same feel free to join this group.

Wank Buddies

Wish I had a wank buddy, I could get naked with watch some porn, and also watch each other. Love to be watched as I play.

Who has seen your hard cock?

Who are some people that you've flashed your hard dick to that stand out in your mind. I'd love to know either here or through messages.

Staying in Lincoln city

Staying in a suite at the Chinook winds casino. Looking for people who would like to join me in there sauna room at 7:00 am in the morning. Going to be naked for all to see.

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Sex in Public

Does anyone else love exposing themselves naked and having sex in public ? Love beaches where you can get naked and get horny then go for it - I never hide - always try to be seen - especially when a few guys will join in and go for a ride one after...

up for some male bonding in birmingham

up for some male bonding

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Looking on the oregon coast where I can walk...

I'm looking for a secluded beach, yard, field where I can meet other people to have fun with.

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Senior Exhibitionist in Toronto, Ontario

Tall handsome mature silverfox, insatiable need to expose and masturbate in private and public locations. 6', 180, 6.5 thick and cut, large balls, tanned and totally shaved, large pierced nipples. I am seeking other male exhibitionists in the...

My 4" boner doesnt stop me from showing...

When i was Younger, i was insecure about my small size, then i realized, it could actually open doors for me- when you get lemons, make lemonade! When i " came out" about my small dick size, lol, i found out there are many that prefer...

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Kik group

Hey, guys, have a Kik group going of guys who are confident enough to hang with bros and share their naked bodies with each other, bonding and enjoying the freedom of it. Hit me up if you're interested in joining. Straight, bi, gay, curious...

Daddy caught me

I love masturbating since I was 13. Every day when I got home from school stripped down naked in the living room and started to pleasure myself before my parents come home. Wanking on the sofa and the excitement to get caught made my cock hard and my...

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