Exhibitionist Men

For guys who like their naked bodies to be seen by other men. In private, in public, indoors or outside, in photo galleries or being naked on cam. We love exposing every inch of our bodies for others to see, including our faces, erect cocks and assholes. If you feel the same feel free to join this group.


Hello, all. I'm new to the site and very pleased with the community. Snapchat now has a private group option, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating in one. This group could involve exhibition in private, in public,...

Nude in the forest

Love the pictures of guys just hanging in the woods nude and hard. I wish I could do that around here. Or maybe join one of the guys on here.

Stroking and stroking and ... on cam.

Some guys seem to be continuously stroking their cock on cam. Don't they get bored, or are they just bored. Not that interesting to watch. Sometimes wonder if it's just a video running in a loop. Also, don't they get friction burn? i like...

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Exposing yourself on cam

I know a lot of guys enjoy exposing themselves on cam with a lot of other people watching. Just curious if you enjoy the anticipation when getting ready. I look forward to it hours before i do it. Then when it gets time i get excited when i start...

Kik group

Hey, guys, have a Kik group going of guys who are confident enough to hang with bros and share their naked bodies with each other, bonding and enjoying the freedom of it. Hit me up if you're interested in joining. Straight, bi, gay, curious...

Daddy caught me

I love masturbating since I was 13. Every day when I got home from school stripped down naked in the living room and started to pleasure myself before my parents come home. Wanking on the sofa and the excitement to get caught made my cock hard and my...

real time show or watch OC LB california

lets meet real time show it off

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First time hangout

I'm a nudist but there aren't a lot around me at least that are open about it. Been invited over to a friends for my first official nude hangout next week. So excited to drop my clothes and expose myself to others. Since i'm also an...

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