Exhibitionist Men

For guys who like their naked bodies to be seen by other men. In private, in public, indoors or outside, in photo galleries or being naked on cam. We love exposing every inch of our bodies for others to see, including our faces, erect cocks and assholes. If you feel the same feel free to join this group.

Showing off, online

Curious, I have done many cam shows on other sites and love showing off my hard cock and my balls to strangers who want to watch. Im curious if anyone else does that. Sometimes, I pop a viagra beforehand so I get crazy hard for everyone to enjoy....

Exposure at the beach

Had a great nude experience today. At a beach we reached by dinghy there were several nudists sunning themselves. Of course I was naked too in a second. I then proceeded to futz with dinghy making sure to bend over, on my knees, with my anus on full...

Naked in the woods

We had a beautifully warm day today. I grabbed my lunch and escaped the office. I stripped as I drove to my local woods and spent a couple hours naked, eating lunch and watching other men come and go in the parking lot. I ended up meeting two other...

Weymouth UK home nudist

Hi I love being naked but can only do it when wife is out. Is there any one local who will let me be naked with them. Email johnwey1951@yahoo.com.

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Love showing my anus and feet

Hey all. Total exhibitionist here, enjoy sharing photos and (even better) real life encounters in totally intimate, exposed situations. It's not just about being vulnerable and totally nude, nor about showing just my hard cock. It's about...

hello, I am new here

Thank you for welcoming me to your group. I am very exhibitionist, I like to show myself naked like many of you

Just joined anyone for Skype

Looking to can

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To be nude outside...

Would feel so invigorating and relieving, and allowing random people to feel my naked body would be so fun.

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Most memorable public exposure?

What is your most memorable public exposure - either your nudity or someone else? Did it end with hot sex?? Post pic?

Upload pictures

So I tried uploading a naked picture of myself to the media of this group, but it said I need a verified profile for that.... My profile is already verified. Has anyone else had this problem? Note; you can also visit my profile to see my naked...


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