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A group for all guys who enjoy giving and / or receiving male anal pleasure, whether its self pleasuring during masturbation, anal rimming or full-on anal sex with another male! Let's share pleasure tips, anal sex stories and pics if you have! :0)

anyone use a broom handle

who isn't into trying different things and no doubt a big hard thick cock is #1 , dildos #2 , fruit and such way down there but i'm thinking i want a well lubed broom handle in my hole 6 " maybe 7 " at most ? anyone try it yet ?...


I have done anal with a woman , never with a man. I am not sure if I want to give or get.

Ji looking for beach buddy

Looking around the Titusville for fun in the sun

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Naked cam

Hello, is there anyone who wants to join me for a naked chat on cam? Where we are all completely naked and we can enjoy talking to each other. All are welcome men women and couples. my Skype is: Tim Jensen 3333

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That feeling when your asshole first opens...

I love that feeling when youre attempting to be penetrated. The dildo or cock or whatever youre putting inside you. Its pressed against your hole and you feel your ass open up then it slides in. Such a great feeling.


So how many of you have done or will do bareback? I have done both bare an with condom. With the condom need more lube an doesnt feel as good an dont get to feel the cum. Bare you dont need as much lube (or at least with me) dont. I like bare much...

waxed asshole

I just started getting my asshole wxed along with my cock and balls, and I'm really eager to have someone rim me or pound my smooth hole. Sadly it hasn't happened yet.

Self pleasure appreciation

Just wondering who else besides me likes taking out the toys and pleasuring their own holes? I just had an intense solo session the other night with my favorite toy. Its a p-spot stimulator curved and about 4.5 inches long. It comes with a taint...

How did you discover anal pleasures?

I started to take a greater interest in my body when I was 13. I began to play more intensely with my penis and testicles than ever before and get bigger erections. I would lie naked in bed, playing. Then one day I turned over face down and worked...