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A group for all guys who enjoy giving and / or receiving male anal pleasure, whether its self pleasuring during masturbation, anal rimming or full-on anal sex with another male! Let's share pleasure tips, anal sex stories and pics if you have! :0)

Great afternoon

I started this afternoon hanging out totally nude, just love that. I rubbed my penis while pouring coffe and got a hard on. Why not. Hit the bathroom and douche d my ass, played with my fingers in it and broke out the vibrater. It felt so hood inside...

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Anal Orgasm's

Hi guys, just wondering if you have ever had an anal orgasm? I personally have had quite a few with the right guys, that feeling when his dick is rubbing up inside your hole against your prostate. Wow that release is mind blowing. Love to your...

How many?

I haven't kept a diary, but guess I have ass fucked several hundred guys over the years. Have had around two dozen so far this year, not bad for a 70-yr old!

women giving pleasure for men

guys, what do u prefer when a girl gives anal pleasure to u? i normally use my tongue and my fingers for this but they r not long enough sometimes. So my doubt is if do u prefer we to use strap on or dildos and vibrators?

I have a shaft ring-Leave on or take it off?

The ring is tight so I will not cum off, while I fuck a ass. But I will not be able to cum myself. So the question is will I bring pleasure to the guy with a extra bump on my shaft? Just asking!


staying on the subject of anal sex, what is your technique for preparing? it is being considerate to the top if you douche before having anal sex. makes it more pleasant for the top. i personally like the bulb method. got one online. a red bulb with...

Anal curiosity

Never tried anal but curious. Don't know if I would give or receive. How did your first time happen? did it hurt?

Rim me

Nothing like a tounge rimming my ass, makes me want more