Married, Spouse Isnt Into

For anyone who is a nudist and their spouse is not into.


What is status of spouse and your nudism? Do they everPartake? Do they know you do?

Having sex with a married man

Has anyone here ever had a fling with someone who is married?I remember a time I got together with another guy, who was married and his wife didn't know about him being into guys on the side. We went to his house during the day when no one else...

Few questions for you

Few questions for youHi all -Just a few questions for the members here -1) Does spouse know you are a nudist?2) Where do you spend most of your time nude?3) Have they given a reason they don't want to be nude too?4) Do you hang nude with others...

I am BI

I am BI hi guys sorry to be in your group. But I love to be nude with old people whether male or female. Love to do nude chatting with old folks. My yahoo id is crazyabhi3879

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New to group

Hi, were a couple. Richard is 70, Helen is 60. I am a true nudist that loves being naked around others. she will go naked at home, but not thrilled about being in public. Were going to Avalon Resort in WV on May 14, 2016, but she is not sure she will...

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How do you do what you like without her...

How do you spend the time nude or with others without spouse (her most cases) getting mad or jealous?

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