Who loves masturbation or self abuse.

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if you're a good looking lad and u want to bond and you like having a wanking buddy to watch some good porn together, message me and we can add each other on skype and bond over stuff we love there.

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Hit me up on Skype if youre down to chat nude. Skype: stephenbwell

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On the bus

I always sit upstairs on the back seat of the bus as the vibration from the bus always gave me a hard on when I was a kid and sometimes I would have a wank with the added guilty pleasure that people sitting in front of me didn't know what I was...

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Wanking as a schoolboy

I remember when I was a kid and first noticed my cock, I was about 12 and I was having a bath and messing about with the cold tap and I put my cock up to the tap and placed my foreskin over the nozzle and held it tight allowing the water to balloon...

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did you ever get caught masturbating? Who caught you? Where? What happened?

Wank buddies needed in peterborough area

Wank buddies needed in Peterborough area. Meet up in person, chat and wank together

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Video Question

Questio: who has gotten excited hard or wet watching there own video of themselves masturbating? Both either seeing your face or not in the video?


Looking for someone in the North West area who would take some pictures of me

Self suck

Been getting back into yoga and stretching. Today I was able to get the tip of my cock into my mouth and lick under my foreskin also stretch my low hanging nut into my mouth! So proud of myself!!

What is the most times you cum in 24 hours

When I was about 20 years old one day I was alone home with my had and I cum 8 times in a day, one time I cum 3 times without stopping bang - bang - bang boy I was horny that day, Most of the time I would cum 3 times a day morning when I got home and...