Who loves masturbation or self abuse.

How long has everyone been masturbating?

I've been masturbating since I was about 6. Of course I didn't know I was masturbating back then, I didn't even know it existed! All I knew was if i played with my willy for long enough then I got a nice feeling so I kept on doing it. I...

Cam fun

Hello JB here, love camming with older smooth nudists please add me on Skype !

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Reason to masturbate

Never forget that you are someone's reason to masturbate

Naked on Skype ?

Hello everyone. Is there anyone who wants to help masturbate naked on Skype in full figure, so we can have a nice chat with each other while we masturbate our big stiff dicks? My Skype is: Tim Jensen 3333

Strokin the bone......

Man I love hot to feel that 1st contact with my fist against my hard cock. It seems the pleasure just keeps getting better as I get older. I get off on edgeing and wearing a cock ring for an intense erection. Stroke on fellow...

Prostate enlarged

I have an enlarged prostate I wm on medication for it. 6 months one of the side effects is no sperm I can still have a great orgasm. just no spunk I hope I can get back to normal once the medication is finished

Zoek echte vanaf 60+ naakt webcammers voor...

Hallo, Ik zoek echte spontane naaktcammers vanaf 60+,echte doeners voor samen naakt te chatten via skype. Mijn skype naam is: live:benik1_1 . Indien je mij toevoegt zeg dan wel in een berichtje bij aanmelding vanwaar we elkaar kennen,kom niet zomaar...

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Play with my pussy

I am @xgypsybellax on both Twitter and Instagram Everyone welcome

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Always better when someone is watching

I enjoy masturbating a lot. I know what feels good when I am alone and I enjoy it when Im with friends! Its a WAYYY sexier experience when I am being watched by others.. I like playing with my cock and showing it off for others! To see women or...


Hey any batons for cam fun?