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RULES FOR CHAT ROOM BEHAVIOR1) Absolutely NO talk of pedophilia. NO underage chat at all, period! "stories" from our own youth or someone else's are prohibited in chat. Violating this rule will result in an immediate ban from the room,...

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by hairfreak 
New to site and lifestyle

We are a middle aged, professional couple exploring the swingers lifestyle. Are there any other similar couples on this site?

Looking for Jo Buddies!

Just looking for jack off buddies that are around the Waco area. I love jacking with buds in person or on video chat. 8 cut & thick here

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Couple looking for a girl to please...

My girlfriend has recently come to me and expressed her wanting to have a threesome with another girl. She doesnt want to get to know the girl just go down on her. Im totally down to watch of course. Were both 21 and just looking to fulfill her...

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Small Endowed Group

Welcome all who want to join. Feel free to message me anytime. Interested in discussing all matters regarding the group name.

We are looking for swinger and couple

Any swingers couples visiting Malaysia & like to meet us , we are married , interested please MSg me at pranksvin at

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Hey guys, my girl is looking for someone, well, bigger than me to trade pics with! My snap is @jamesmarch97, we can discuss more there!

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Housewife With A Fat cunt

Hey Guys and Dolls: Do you love BBWs? Do you have a big thick cock, sizes from thick 9' inches- to - a big humongous thick 12'inches? If so, then you are the guys I've been searching for. I am a husband of a very sexy woman who wants to...

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Pic rules are arbitrary

I posted some pix of my cock because I'm pierced there. There are a few pierced groups with close ups of pierced cocks and pussy. All mine get removed because they are against the posting rules. Yet in the TS home page, without having to login,...

Posting for Skype (Skypetards) in the chat...

Posting "bait" in the chatroom to lure users to other sites will not be tolerated. You may NOT post for Skype, Snapchat, YIM, Chaturbate, ect ect. You will be booted from the room and any users that will not stop posting will be banned.

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