Billie's Ordeal

Billies Ordeal by Davidsmall

Billie did not know what else to do. There was no one else she could call. It was only been two weeks since she buried her husband of 15 years and now she was alone. She was 38 and had no one left. Her father had died years ago and her mother died the previous year. Since she was an only child Billie inherited her mothers estate. She and her husband moved into her very nice home and were happy until he died. Now she was alone and did not know what to do.

She slowly dialed the numbers on the phone. She knew it was late but she had to talk to someone.

Josh, this Billie. Im sorry to wake you but I need to talk to you, she almost whimpered.

Joshs quickly gained his conscious bearing wondering why Billie would be phoning him at two oclock in the morning. Josh was also alone since his wife had also died.

What can I do for you? Josh asked noticing the pleading tone of Billies voice.

I just need someone to talk to. Im feeling very lonely and afraid. Ive even had some thought of hurting myself, Billie answered and began to cry.

Billie, give me a few minutes and I will be there, Josh said. Josh had developed feelings a long time ago for Billie but put them aside since Billie was happily married.

It took Josh about 20 minutes to arrive at Billies home. She was waiting at the door.

Im so sorry Josh but I did not know who else to call, Billie said.

Thats ok, Im here now, Josh said. Billie was a very pretty woman. She had long dark hair that flowed down her back. She was dressed in long t-shirt that outlined her breasts. Billies breasts were small but even now Josh could imagine their firm softness and how they might taste.

They entered the house and sat down on the couch. It was obvious Billie was very upset.

Come here Billie, Josh ordered. He opened his arms and as she moved toward him he hugged her. Billie laid her head on his shoulder and began to softly cry. This continued for several minutes.

Youre going to be fine, Josh said after some silence.

It was then Billie shifted her position and Josh felt his hand brush against her breast. Josh felt a bolt of excitement flow through him but he did not want Billie to think he was just there to feel her tits. However, when Billie shifted her body again his hand brushed over her breast. This time he did not move his hand but left it firm cupping Billies breast. Josh slowly began to massage Billies breast wondering how she would react.

Mmmm, Billie softly moaned.

Billie did not know what to think. She was extremely distressed and being held by Josh was just what she needed. But when his hand first brushed her breast she was shocked thinking it an accident. However, Joshs hand was now cupping her breast and gently massaging it she realized he knew exactly what he was doing. She wondered if Josh was taking advantage of her weakened emotion condition. She could not believe he would do this. She knew he had always liked her. Finally, Billie gave up thinking. She did not care. She only wanted to be here with Josh holding her and she was do most anything for him to continue to hold her. As she relaxed she discovered she very much enjoyed him fondling her breast.

Josh loved the feel of Billies breast in his hand. He accepted her purring as enjoyment of his touch. As he lightly squeezed her soft flesh through the bra-less t-shirt he could feel excitement in him growing and his cock was soon hard.

This continued for quite sometime. Billie had now mostly composed herself and her tears had stopped. Her head lay on Joshs shoulders and she felt a slight flush through her body. She could feel her nipple hardened as Joshs palm pressed against it.

Josh had sexual fantasies about Billie ever since his wife and her had become friends. There was never a chance in the past where he would have acted upon these fantasies but now everything had changed. Here he was alone with Billie feeling her soft flesh through the t-shirt. However, this was not enough. He reluctantly released Billies breast to reposition himself.

Billie was well aware of Joshs hand moving away from her breast. She wanted to tell him no but she could not manage to say anything as she felt him move away from her. To her relief he just moved around to be more comfortable. When his arm returned though Billie felt his hand slide under her t-shirt and proceed up her flesh until his hand gently cupped her naked breast.

Mmmm she moaned again both with surprise and wonderment. Her nipple was now very hard as Joshs hand continued to now more intently squeeze her breast. She could feel her breathing increasing as a subtle excitement began to grow within her body.

Billie was becoming lost in a blissful comfort of being held by Josh. She had gone from feeling suicidal to feeling like a lost child found. She knew that whether he was aware of it or not she was now his to do as he wanted.

Josh continued to squeeze Billies breast but found with his increased excitement he was applying more pressure. Her soft breast flowed with his manipulations. He moved in circles around her mound moving up to her nipple. He found it a hard button and began to pinch it softly between his fingers.

Mmmmm, Billie moaned as she felt him pinch her hard nipple.

Billie felt Joshs hand slide from her breast down her stomach. He carefully massaged her skin as his hand move ever downward. Billie did not care what Josh did as long as he continued to hold her.

Josh allowed his hand to move down Billie abdomen until he reached her waist. He paused here a moment and when there was not resistance he continued lower until he felt the beginning of Billies pubic hair. She had a soft mound of hair. She had not trimmed it due to everything that had recently transpired in her life so it had grown. Normally, she left only a small strip of hair just above her pussy.

Billies excitement was now growing as she felt Joshs finger touch her pubic region. She knew the ultimate destination of his hand and welcomed the invasion that would undoubtily come.

Joshs hand continued its journey until it reached the beginning of Billies pussy. He felt the soft ridge and allowed his fingers to sleep down into the now wet folds of her pussy lips.

Oh Josh, Billie gasped as his finger probed her cunt lips. On some level Billie did not feel this was what should happen but she was beyond caring what should happen but only cared about what was happening.

Billie gasped as she felt Joshs finger enter her most private orifice. He felt the wetness of her womanly juices and his finger probed deep inside her pussy. Billie could not help but push her body onto his finger. Yes, she was his now. There was nothing she could do to resist.

Josh sat back suddenly disconnecting the contact that Billie so desired.

What are you doing Josh? she whispered as she saw him sitting back looking at her. Her question was soon answered as Josh reached over to her and pulled the t-shirt off her body revealing her small tender breasts. Billie initial response was to cover herself but she stopped her arms from moving up. She wanted to be totally revealed to Josh. This was obviously what Josh had in mind as he reached down and pulled on her panties. Billie lifted herself allowing Josh to slip the panties down her legs. He then pushed Billies legs apart. She now sat in an obscene manner with her legs spread so Josh could view her body.

Billie had mixed emotions about the decadence of her being here with Josh. She could see raw hunger in his eyes as he looked up and down her naked body. She looked at his eyes and as his eyes met her she shuttered with anxiety. She watched as his eyes moved carefully down her body. He was now looking directly between her legs and she could help but open them more to give him a better view. She wanted him to see everything since everything she had was now his.

Josh reached for Billie and carefully pulled her to the floor. She now lay on the lush carpet of her mothers living room. She was totally exposed with her legs spread inviting Josh to do anything he wished.

Josh could feel his cock hard in his pants pressing against his jeans demanding to be released. He stood up, standing over Billie. She watched as he undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants letting the fall down his legs. She could see his hard cock pressing out through his briefs and knew this was her new master.

Josh pulled off his sweatshirt. She watched as he slipped his hands under his brief and pulled them down. His hard cock spran forward sticking straight out pointing at her and she anticipated it sinking deep into her soul. Josh sank slowly to the floor and Billie felt his body weight engulf her small frame. It was suffocatingly wonderful as she felt his cock press against her pussy lips.

Without saying a word Josh thrust his hips forward and his cock pushed deep into Billie moist pussy.

Oh fuck me Josh, Billie whispered as she felt his cock impale her pussy.

Is this what you want? Josh asked already deep inside Billie.

Yes, fuck me! Billie now cried.

Josh began thrusting deep into Billie. He deep as his cock would go and slowly pulled it out to her pussy lips and then thrust deep inside her again.

Ohhhh! Billie cried with each thrust. There had been too many things happen in the last few weeks. Billies mind was confused with the memories but her attention was now trapped between her legs. Her mind was freed from the horrible memories and all she knew now was she was being fucked. It was all that matter.

Josh began a steady pounding, thrusting in and out of Billies pussy as Billie thrust her own hips each time inviting Josh deeper still.

Billie could feel a deep pressure building within her. It had been a long time since her libido had been awakened with such force.

Oh Josh! Billie cried as an intense orgasm engulfed her mind and body.

Josh continues to thrust his cock deep into her pussy and soon began to feel pressure building within him.

Fuck me Josh! Billie cried.

This was too much for Josh and he felt the first large load of cum spurt deep inside Billie warm cunt.

Ahhh! Josh cried as he emptied himself into her.

Josh felt the last of his cum flow into Billie as his cock spasmed one last time. He lay on top of her until his cock shrunk still inside her pussy. He then carefully rolled off her pulling his cock from her womb with a pop.

Oh Josh, Billie said nestling up to him as they lay on the floor.

I guess you chose the wrong person to call. You wanted help and I fucked you, Josh said feeling some guilty at taking advantage of his friend but also loving the experience.

No Josh, you saved me. I will do anything for you, anything, Billie whispered.

After a time Billie sat up, Come with me. She took him to her bedroom and they both collapsed on her bed. Soon the events of the day overtook their tired bodies and they fell asleep.

Josh awakened the next morning finding himself in Billies bed. It was a surreal experience as he shook off the nights events.

Billie awakened soon after and they lay next to each other in silence. Finally, Billie broke the silence.

Josh, I will do anything for you because you saved me last night.

Anything? Josh said wondering what Billie meant.

Anything, Billie replied.

Josh felt a sudden excitement. He knew he should let thing alone but he could not seem to help it.

Suck my cock, he said not looking at Billie.

Josh was shocked as Billie moved down the bed. Soon he felt her lips wrap around his flaccid cock. He felt her lips begin to nurse on his cock and it soon became fully erect. Billie continued to suck and lick. She cupped his balls in her hands as she pumped his cock with the other. Josh felt the pressure beginning to build.

Suck it hard and eat all my cum, Josh said. He was now lost in the feeling and did not care about anything but shooting his cum into Billies mouth.

Mgmgmg, Billie gagged as a large load of cum hit the back of her throat.

Suck it Billie, Josh cried as he hunch her mouth and pushed her head on his cock.

Josh emptied his sperm into Billies mouth and she swallowed most of it. Josh could see a small amount on her lips and chin. Billie looked up at Josh and smiled. He watched as she licked off the remaining cum on her lips and then with a finger wiped her chin. She then smiled as she licked off her finger.

Was that what you wanted?

Yes, that was very good, Josh answered.

Im here to serve you, just let me know what you want, Billie replied.

Josh knew he had come to the right place

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RE:Billie's Ordeal

Intense story there. Thx for sharing. Glad that there was happiness after the sadness.

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