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Shockwave to treat ED

Has anyone tried shock wave therapy to treat ED I have been on Cialis for a while but I have developed stomach issues using it so Im wondering if anyone has been successful using shockwave therapy. Thanks in advance.

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Experiencing Gay Curious Later in Life

Ok, I am trying to figure out and explore my sexuality and sexual interests....and to be honestI have become extremely intrigued and interested in gay interests/sex acts. I have learned a few things about myself by process of self...

Hotel Nudity and Masturbation

I have travelled alot over the years and stayed in lots of hotels around the world. The first thing I do when i get into my room is strip off naked - the feeling of total liberation being nude in my room is a turnon. I love masturbating naked...

Cum swallowing

I wonder how many guys enjoy this ? Tasting cum, their own or anothers. How did you start, did you enjoy it the first time? My gf asked if Id tasted my own cum and was surprised I hadnt. She asked if I would as it really turned her on. I agreed of...

First time.

Whats the story behind the first time you crossed over and sucked a cock. Was it spur of the moment? A long time fantasy?

How often do you Masturbate to Orgasm?

How often do you masturbate to orgasm and where do you normally bate? Do you use porn, toys?

Straight men for men

OK. I'm a gay man. In the past I have had the pleasure of - um - pleasuring straight men. Mostly, the events have centered around me sucking straight guys off, although there were a few times other stuff happened. Personally, from my...

curved penis

has anyone seen the medical ad's on tv talking about a curved penis being a medical issue that can be corrected with surgery ? wow who would want to correct it . mine is to small to curve but I think curve cocks are hot especially sucking one ....

Tied up/Bondage sex

Lately almost all the porn I have been watching has been guys tied up and letting guys have their way with them. I find it super hot and Ive literally almost jizzed my pants just watching it. I would love to find someone interested in taking turns...