My wife and I have several boundaries when it comes to our approach of the lifestyle. We have just a few spoken rules and many unspoken rules. What we would think is common sense rules. Now both of us know that common sense isn't actually as common as people like to think. Still we have boundaries. Everyone does, even if you say you have none. One of the boundaries my wife and I agreed on is we do not want to get with anyone who is + or - ten years from our age. The reason is quite simple. We feel anyone younger is likely not going to have the maturity we are looking for. On the other end we do not want to be reminded of our parents. That's our thing and it is a hard stop for both of us.

"ok, that's cool with you. Why are you making a topic about this?" Well lately we have been getting people message us trying to "take their shot". People who do not seem to think that the rules apply to them. It has been coming from both sides, but mostly from the older. I don't know if it is a generational thing and that idea can get into some other areas of discussion that are not appropriate for this. To some extent I want to know why some people of the older generation think it is ok to talk to someone who is 20 or 30 years their junior like they are entitled to us. Yes, I have had people get very snotty with me and the entitlement is just dripping from them.

It's just so frustrating because this is something this site does not do well at all. In the fetish community no means no. it can be for a good reason it can be for no reason. No means no and it is absolutely disgusting how some (many it seems) just don't care. They want to have their own way and ruin it for the rest of us who do have boundaries. If you cannot understand why someone would put up bounds for you, just at the very least respect them. Don't push, don't act entitned. Just take the L and move on. Nothing kills a mood for both parties like someone overstepping their bounds.

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