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New Chat Room Questions

New Chat Room QuestionsWhat's up with the new chat room?Hey guys, I've been pretty busy on the back end of things and while I know you don't hear from me too often we have something exciting to share! The new chat room is ALMOST ready for...

Affiliate System is Now LIVE!

Affiliate System is Now LIVE!We want your traffic!As a site grows, we can only rely on organic traffic for so long. We recently upgraded our affiliate system to allow for our users to earn passive income just by sending traffic to our site.Many of our users...

State of the Media Address - 2017

State of the Media Address - 2017So we messed up, plain and simple.The media server was improperly terminated while during a "routine" adjustment of the load balancer While not thought to be a big deal initially (We are masters of backups!) We figured...

Introducing our Views System

Introducing our Views SystemWe are happy to announce a new feature for the community we're calling our "views" system (in lieu of a cooler name). This system is integrated into the site already, and allows paid members of the community to track...

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