The Erotic Photographer

The Erotic Photographer

The Erotic Photographer

I recently saw an ad on Craigslist from an amateur photographer who wanted to shoot some artistic male nudes. I had posed for nude photos with sexual partners and taken selfies, but never done nude photos with a stranger, and I wondered how my hairy middle-aged body would look. So I invited him over.

He warned me that he was going to move me around and pose me, but that just excited me more, to be treated like a visual object. I stripped for him, and lay down on my bed – I was nervous at first, and in the early shots, my penis was small.

He grabbed my legs to move them around, told me to throw one arm over my head, that sort of thing, while he snapped tons of pictures. At one point, I was lying on my stomach with my penis underneath me, and he unceremoniously reached under my balls and yanked it down so it was visible between my legs. That made me feel very sexy.

Then I was on my back again, and he said, “OK, get it hard.” I stroked my cock to a full erection, while he focused his camera on my crotch the entire time. I loved letting him see that. Then he said he wanted to put baby oil on me. He spread it over my ass, then when I turned around he put some on my balls and pubic hair. He finished off by putting some oil on his hand and coating my hard cock with it. He took closeups of my penis oiled up, and of my balls from behind, and of my spreading my cheeks open for him – “Assume the position,” he said. He had me stand up against the wall for some full frontal shots. He was businesslike the whole time, staying dressed and giving me orders, which made me feel like a piece of meat – very sexy.

We finished it off with me taking a shower, while he snapped pictures of me washing my body all over and playing with my erect penis. I was fully comfortable by this time, laughing and joking with an erect cock sticking out in front of me. It was exhilarating and very sexy to have him watching me through all this and taking photos of me. I never wanted to get dressed again.

Afterward, we looked through the photos on my computer. I was surprised to see pictures of me masturbating with my face showing – I had never been that daring before, but I loved that he got to see me

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  • sounds great ive posed for some photos of my self, but not as daring as yours were
    • i would love for someone to take pics of me nude and guys doing me i would also love doing a gay porn where guys are ding me
      • Nice photo MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :P
        • I have often thought that it would be a great experience. A woman recently moved in across the street and she is a photographer. I'm trying to figure out how to ask her without it coming across as creepy!
          • I've enjoyed taking both tasteful as well as erotic photos of my own body be as well as me with several different lovers through the years with their knowledge from straight raunch to exoticly beautifully tasteful they all serve as fond memories
            • This does sound like something I would like to do and be more than willing to do. It would be a first and an exciting prospect. But who would be able to take the photos in Hampshire, UK. Answers on a postcard please.
              • That is also a dream. I have had a friend I asked her to take a erotic movie for me. Like having Me by a pool then stripping and masturbating to finish. Its ok but not what I wanted. Another time I asked a couple I know if she would help with a womans perspective. That was worse just 10 seconds of me stroking, in different spots in the yard. That is why I think I need a pro or classes on how to pose. Not to mention what about posing nude with another man. Well naked hugs with a hard on
                • I love taking images of both men and women and have photographed people both professionally and as an amateur. I love how I can get people to open to new poses they never thought of preforming. I take all my own nude images of myself with a camera, tripod and remote.
                  • Posing nude for erotic photoshoots is a dream for me - I would love to strip off and not at all shy. Maybe pose with like minded guys
                    • I've been photographing men nude since I got my first digital camera around 1999. I've had several memorable photo shoots. Some guys aren't shy and get undressed as soon as arrive and some guys start clothed and slowly get undressed as I take pictures. I pretty sure some guys weren't as interested in the pictures as they were to be photographed nude. Some get erect easily and some need fluffing. Some fluff themselves and some ask for my help. My help varies from a helping hand to a warm mouth.
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