True Swingers Provides a Site Dedicated to Those Engaged in "the Lifestyle"

True Swingers Provides a Site Dedicated to Those Engaged in "the Lifestyle"

For the uninitiated, the term swinging may conjure up a fun children's activity at a playground. But for a number of married couples, swinging is a nonmonogamous sexual activity, treated much like any other social activity, that can be experienced as a couple. While the activity of maintaining an open relationship has come more into the mainstream in recent years, it is still not widely accepted, which can represent a challenge for couples looking to find others with whom to engage. A new website,, aims to provide a safe online community for adults swingers to meet others, create relationships, and set up events in the real world.

Swinging is not a new idea. As early as the 16th century, couples entered into agreements to have open relationships, in which one or both partners were given permission to engage in sexual activity with others outside the marriage. Typically speaking, swingers participate as couples, bringing in one person, another couple, or a group to share each other's company. Those who participate in swinging often refer to it as “the lifestyle,” a term that can be used in mixed company without raising eyebrows.

Different from polyamory, swinging does not involve an emotional context. While couples may become friends, the emotional relationship remains with the original married couple. Understandably, a large amount of trust and communication is needed for swingers to successfully maintain a loving partnership while enjoying the benefits of an open relationship.

Swingers can find like-minded individuals through membership in the North American Swing Club Association but that site does not offer activities. For those, couples can visit a private club, many of which are sprinkled across the US. But for couples with children or who cannot risk meeting other couples at a public location, has provided an alternative: an online community.

Launched by the masterminds behind, provides a safe location to create a new network, separate from family, friends, and colleagues who don't partake. Like its sister site, it is 100% free to members and provides users the opportunity to create a profile and meet others through forums and video chat. “Essentially, it's social networking for swingers,” explain the creators.

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