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May I ask a question?

Yes you can, by PM or msg you may simply ask any question of us and we will be happy to do our best to answer. Our only request is that you; a) simply ask your question, don't ask if you can ask one, the answer is yes you can, so just ask. b) do...

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by Srqexhibcpl4mfm 

Everyone says my blogs are no longer available on my profile. Where did they go.

Getting to a specific page

There are over 3500 pages in the gallery. How can I get to a specific page?

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posting videos

I am trying to post videos but when I do nothing shows up, is there a certain format we have to use in order to post? my videos are in the mp4 format thanks in advance

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Add me on kik and let's having fun and feeling crazy Happy new year to everyone welcome 2018 here my username ... Licia9913

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Photo on my feed

Hi , l can't seem to put a profile photo up on my feed. Every time I try after a short while it reverts back to a TS default photo. I seem to have one on my home page though.

Chat section is not working.

I can't get the chat section to work it says this. You do not have Adobe Flash installed. You can either Install Flash or use our HTML5 Chat room without webcam support I have already installed adobe flash. Any suggestions?

Hi im Angelica kik me ... Angelicanato08

Are you interested to sexting site ? Kik me .... Angelicanato08

Cam Broardcasting issues

Hi all I have an issue where my cams do not broadcast on these two True Sites. they work ever where else -on yahoo and skype why not now on here they did but not now ! any help from techo people would be great! regards Footer56

Changing main photo

Does anyone know if it is possible to change your main profile photo? If so, how do you do it? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!