New to Swinging

Introduction to and any of the awkward questions you may have

Unsupportive friends

Hi I am new to the swinging lifestyle and have finally met a fantastic man who shares the same ideas as me on this topic. I have fantasized about attending swinging parties on my own but have never gone through with it. I know what sort of...


Hi all. New to this and just joined the site so u I hope I dont sound silly asking this. Im a single guy but find it a turn on watching people I have tried some digging spots I heard about but not a lot of action or luck there really. I was wondering...


Off to Fuerteventura in March. Does anyone know of any good places that my wife and I can watch some beach action. Hopefully just a few more viewings will convince her to join in.

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Anyone on here?!

Hi. New to this page. My wife and I have an open one sided relationship. She can and has had sex with another man. We've been out and I've seen her get touched and kissed by strangers which is all a massive turn on. We are ideally looking for...

New to this

Hey guys,I'm a PhD student in Davis looking to try this sort of thing. I've always wanted to try this with a woman or couple but never quite worked up the nerve until now. Anyone in the area interested? Looking for someone around my age (30),...

Wanting to get wife into MFM - need help

First off, apologize if this has been started before. I looked a little and didnt see anything as specific as I will be. My wife and I have been married 5 years and have a good sex life, nothing crazy but a good sex life. However, Ive long had the...


Is there anyone out there who can give me some advice or tips? I have been together with my wife for fifteen years and married for eight years, and for the last three or four years I have had a fantasy of seeing her sleep with another man I am...

Old folks

We're 70 yo and first timers! Are there any old folks in the lifestyle?

Embarrassing Question

Hi everyone, my husband and I are early 30s and fairly new to swinging. We have a night planned this weekend with a couple in their late 40s who we've met up with twice before. My husband and I recently did anal (not something we usually do) and...


Hello, I joined the site a few weeks ago and thought it would be good to post a message here and say to all those on the site. I look forward to having some fun with all of you here.

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