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Masturbation Techniques

Hey everyone, I am kind of tired of stroking all the time. Are there other ways to achieve an orgasm? Please help me out. Thanks :)

Jack off buddy

I have always wanted to have a friend or two over and put on a porn, or maybe not, and just pull out our cocks and start stroking them until we cum. id love to see some of my friends and how they do it.

Hotel Nudity and Masturbation

I have travelled alot over the years and stayed in lots of hotels around the world. The first thing I do when i get into my room is strip off naked - the feeling of total liberation being nude in my room is a turnon. I love masturbating naked...

Cock Ball Torture

Just wondered if anyone else engages in this? I have been doing some experimenting with it but would love the insights of others.


Any Denver buddies on here...Just looking for mutual j/o

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Male prostate and nipple sensitivity

I know many guys who have very sensitive nipples and love the feel of a prostate massage. My nipples are not sensitive and I do not respond sexually when they are stimulated. I have had a couple of prostate massages and I did not get pleasure from...

Extreme bikinis... Where to wear some ? Are...

I love to be naked at home and in all places where I can. I usually feel a little horny just at the beginning, getting the habits of this great comfort. I also have at home a few extreme bikinis from dubio (dubiobikinis, look at the men extreme...

Does anyone enjoy drinking their own cum?

I love the taste. I attach a plastic tube to the tip of my cock and put the other end in my mouth while on my back with my hips in the air. When I cum, it flows straight into my mouth.

Fist-less wanks

One of my alternative favourites is to get a latex glove - add baby oil wrap it in a small towel with the hand hole still visible and sticking out from the loosely rolled towel! Then do as the other guys said - put it under your mattress and fuck the...

Hairy Men

I love hairy older men. Can't get enough. How many of you guys don't shave / trim? Especially in the pubic region. It's so hot to pull down someone's pants and see a forest of hair. I hardly trim at all, as you can probably seen from...