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Wife shut down

For you guys who's wives are past menopause: My wife has totally shut down on any kind of sexual activity - giving or receiving. My sex life now is pretty much porn and masturbation. Lately, I've even found myself thinking about doing...

Hotel Nudity and Masturbation

I have travelled alot over the years and stayed in lots of hotels around the world. The first thing I do when i get into my room is strip off naked - the feeling of total liberation being nude in my room is a turnon. I love masturbating naked...

Looking for a venue/ hotel, to host a...

Bonjour! I put on Men's Group Fun and Bukkake events. I have been looking for a hotel or venue that would be welcoming to swingers. If anyone knows of one the try-county area of Michigan , Oakland County, Macomb County . please let me know. I...

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by jd48098 
Nudist B&B

Im looking for b&b for single guys. UK Only.

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Straight men for men

OK. I'm a gay man. In the past I have had the pleasure of - um - pleasuring straight men. Mostly, the events have centered around me sucking straight guys off, although there were a few times other stuff happened. Personally, from my...


What are men's and womens views on having the snip

curved penis

has anyone seen the medical ad's on tv talking about a curved penis being a medical issue that can be corrected with surgery ? wow who would want to correct it . mine is to small to curve but I think curve cocks are hot especially sucking one ....

Ideas on Premature Ejaculation

I'm looking for ideas on premature ejaculation. Studies say that about 25% of men experience some version of this, cumming within a few minutes after entering. I should talk with a physician, or probably some kind of sex therapist, but I would...

Masturbation Techniques

Hey everyone, I am kind of tired of stroking all the time. Are there other ways to achieve an orgasm? Please help me out. Thanks :)

Prostrate Cancer Surviver

I am a prostrate cancer surviver. Roughly 80% of my man glad was removed via Laser Prostominy. In the 4 years since I can still get reasonably hard 'on my own' and very hard with a little help with Sildenafil. Thus, my sex life is reasonably...

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