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Does anyone know any swingers clubs in Fiji?

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Athens real meeting

Athina kaneis gia real synantisi gia gumnismo kai aunanismo?

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by FirstTimeGr 
How to find men for My Asian Gf

Hello,My GF is Chinese, 25 YO, petite.She has this desire of being fucked while I watch, by more than 2 men...She mentioned she would like to be tied in the process and feel helpless.I already did with her domination and SM but never such a thing.How...

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Older male (70) looking for a local couple

I'm 70, live in Tracy, Ca, and would like to find a local(ish) couple for fun now and then. I'm open to just about anything as long as it is legal. Not interested in younger couples so please be over 60.

what are your fetishes?

List your fetishes in order of desire and intensityMine are, 1. Lactation and breastfeeding (ANR/ABF) 2. Pregnant Ladies 3. Giving oral anally and vaginal 3. Female anal play 4. Group sex party games and exploration 5. Open group masturbation. 6....

Is it possible to send another member a photo...

I would like to send a friend a photo with my message. Can I do that? If so, how? Thank you!

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swallowing own cum

Has anyone tried it a d what's it like.I have jerked off in a guys mouth after he gave me oral,just Wondered what it tastes like.

What are you wearing under your pants ?

As much as I love to be nude (mostly all the time at home), I also like wearing no underwear. Only when I go to the office I'm wearing some underwear. But I really like the feeling in my jeans, under my shorts, etc... Try to find short which can...

Pubic hair

At what age did you decide to shave or wax all your pubic hair off and why? I myself didnt till I was 55 yrs old

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