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My wife and I have several boundaries when it comes to our approach of the lifestyle. We have just a few spoken rules and many unspoken rules. What we would think is common sense rules. Now both of us know that common sense isn't actually as...

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Guys,why can't anyone see our pictures?i have posted 5


Anyone into sexting? Only just started myself but god it's good.I' a bit behind the times but just added snapchat to my phone. Take pics and send them to friends. You can only view the photo for a few seconds then it's deleted. Whish...

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Bisexual cuckolding

Lately my biggest turn on has been a fantasy of the sort of sex where I'm with my partner and a group of guys. I have strong bisexual tendencies, and I very much miss sucking off cocks. Couple years ago, when we were having loads of passionate...


The group, Massage, is open. All who are kind and gentle are welcome. Since I enjoy giving massage to women and some (guys) would rather not give it, I have often thought that it would be nice to give a full-body massage to a lady a and then sit...

I'm not a crossdresser

However, I do like to wear skirts. I wouldn't say I know a lot about fashion. I have bought my wife more dresses than she has bought herself and loves what I select for her. Most times I go for something that she can wear in professional and...

Looking for nudist friends

Hi I am looking for nudist friends in and around Tampa, FL i am open to make pen pal friends with others who are outside too.

swallowing own cum

Has anyone tried it a d what's it like.I have jerked off in a guys mouth after he gave me oral,just Wondered what it tastes like.

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