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I'm not a crossdresser

However, I do like to wear skirts. I wouldn't say I know a lot about fashion. I have bought my wife more dresses than she has bought herself and loves what I select for her. Most times I go for something that she can wear in professional and...

Looking for nudist friends

Hi I am looking for nudist friends in and around Tampa, FL i am open to make pen pal friends with others who are outside too.

swallowing own cum

Has anyone tried it a d what's it like.I have jerked off in a guys mouth after he gave me oral,just Wondered what it tastes like.

Which parts of your body do you find most...

The parts which arouse me most are my bum hole and cheeks, my testicle bag and my penis, especially my exposed end. I find that shaving helps. In the men's room after swimming and on a nudist beach I used to live near to, I found that others...

Sex and humor

Where are all the sex jokes on TS? For example: What is the difference between masturbate and celibate? ... On one hand, you have someone who is -only- thinking about sex ... on the other hand, you have cum ;-)

Evening weekday bicycle ride.

Was past Monday. Left the house with a sleeveless t-shirt, and a short. Obviously, no underwear. Arriving on the trail, time to remove the longer short. I had in my backpack two small denim short shorts. Both are cutoff shorts, the first one is...

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how do i connect with fellow melbourne...

Hello my name is jawad mature single male i live in melbourne templestowe lower just enquiring how do i connect with fellow mature swingers couples or single

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Restarting again after a long break

Hi - thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any thoughts or advice on how to progress the situation we have. Brief background first; Many years ago my wife and I got nicely involved with another couple and swapped partners. It was a bit...

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What is your fantasy?

My fantasy- I start chatting with a guy at an adult store, were both gay and he asks if I would like to join in with a group of his friends, I can feel my cock starting to get hard. My answer is YES and we start walking down a street to a house were...