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DIY Fantasy

Wife and I are married 15+ years. Recently we began exploring each others fantasies and experimenting. We have grown closer sharing these experiences together. And you only live once! This morning she took care of one of mine from my bucket list, we...

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A NewLifestyle as a Nudist/Swinger

How About You??? Nudism is the Freedom from clothes that has a refreshing feeling. Yes, it seems joining here has served to heighten my attraction for living clothes free and I actually just cant seem to get enough of it right now. Does being a...


Hi Im a Mature bi Male looking to meet other Nudists in the area or just beyond, Id like to make new friends and have fun....Please get in touch any gender or Nationality welcome.

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by kily30 
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Just call me Allie Fox

Google is failing me... Anyone know of or have suggestions to find a utopian community based on the following (listed in order of importance): -warm (tropical?) -nude -secular (not a cult) -outside the US -no personal property (even off-grid or...

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Hanging out naked with a buddy

Im a true believer that men enjoy being in underwear or less whether youre a nudist or not. It just feels natural to not wear a shirt or pants when youre home and I know the first thing to go when I walk in the door after a long day is my pants. So...

Above Average size penises

I am a above size, being 8.5in n thick in size. I love the compliments especially when visiting nudist beaches or gay/bi steamrooms for play. I find it hard to find condoms that fit but generally love the feel more going natural. I like the smooth...

What has happened to photos on this site?

It seems all new members now have no images available by default. Has something happened to True Swingers? There seems to be no mention of this in any of the forums but this has been going on for sometime now.

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It is not obvious why human beings have evolved with hair around our genitals, extending a few inches upwards, backwards along the crevice between our cheeks and a little way down the top inside of our legs. Like facial hair on men, it does not seem...

st osyth

Anyone on here use st osyth when the weather is nice. Love going down there but still not hot enuf yet really